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Nicole Dambro is a thriving Indie film actress in Los Angeles. She started her career with the film festival sweetheart, Death to Cupid, which garnered global accolades, including an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con in 2015. Shortly after, she landed the lead role in the 2-time College Emmy-nominated series, CON. From there, she made her debut in Indie horror, with roles in Alone in the Dead of Night and Pitchfork, one of NBC News’s “11 LGBTQ Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween" (both are available on most digital platforms.) 

Following those projects and a few television projects, Dambro was lucky enough to be cast in yet another indie horror film — as Darcy in Nicholas Woods's The Axiom. The Axiom won over the world's most prolific independent horror film festivals including the 2018 Marche du Cannes, BiFan in South Korea, Feratum in Mexico, and Sitges in Spain before being picked up by Vertical Entertainment for distribution. The Axiom is currently one of the top ranked horror films on Amazon Prime and iTunes.


Her performance in The Axiom later garnered her attention for the lead role in Anderson Cowan’s dark comedy, Groupers, which recently won many awards including a "Best Actress in a Lead Role" award for Nicole at the Film Invasion LA Film Festival. Her most recent film, A Walk With Grace, will also premiere in the spring of 2020 and stars Dambro alongside other names such as Stephen Baldwin, David Lee Smith, Ashley Bratcher and Jason London.  

In addition to her film career, Nicole's greatest accomplishments include being a 2010-2012 Championship Miami Heat Dancer, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Florida, and the "cool aunt" to 4 nieces and nephews.


Nicole is currently managed by Jennielyn Abrot of JAR Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA. 

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