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"Groupers" Sets a World Premiere Date at Cinequest 2019

Anderson Cowan's GROUPERS has been selected to have its world premiere at the 2019 CINEQUEST film festival in San Jose, California. Nicole Dambro leads this dark comedy, which has the following summary on Cinequest's official Groupers film page:

"These 2 homophobes have a choice to make.

Brad and Dylan are two all-American bros out for a night on the town. They get approached, and subsequently kidnapped by the seductive Meg. Turns out, Meg is actually a grad student who had been planning to kidnap the two homophobic bullies to perform a sadistic experiment on them. Aside from just learning they've been kidnapped, Brad also discovers a shocking secret about Dylan. A string of outlandish characters take turns bringing their own, ambiguous motives to the party. Will these two alpha males survive the hellish ordeal? Groupers is a rare, highly original, and super-charged comedy that will keep you guessing and contemplating the provocative, yet crucial themes at its essence."

- Peter Koros

For show times, go to Cinequest's official website here.

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